Strange City Heroes: Vol. 2 #7 – Exile – Page 6
Tuesday — June 19th, 2012

Strange City Heroes: Vol. 2 #7 – Exile – Page 6

Hey there boys and girls,

Well it’s been a few weeks since updates . . . yeah that stinks but I had computer problems at first and then I decided that I needed to lose a lot of weight and try to be healthier. Well being on a health kick kinda screws up your schedule being that you have to go walk or run or something. Well I’m not sure how I can fit making comics into my nights anymore but I’m trying. I still intend to do all that I said I just have to figure out when I’m going to draw. I hope the few of you that read this comic will stick around when I get these updates going.

Thanks for your support,
Kevin P. Johnson


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